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Signs of Life

Hello, everyone!

I was going to reply to the previous post, but figured I might as well actually post on my own behalf.

My apologies to all, but especially to justice_turtle, who has been patiently trying to get me to at least wave hello from under my rock!  Turtle, you are a dear, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I have no valid excuses for not having responded, other than predictable but unsatisfactory bleating about fragile mental spaces and work schedules and illness and life and the inertia of having been hiding under rocks for long periods of time.

First of all, or maybe second -- I'm sorry I've been away for so long.  I've missed you folks.  It's been hard.

But, yes, there is still intelligent life in the universe, people want to revive the dearly loved comm, and if that means moving to Dreamwidth, I guess I shall have to go along.  My initial experience with DW was traumatically abusive, and I have been unwilling to have any more to do with it since then; but that was a lot of years ago, and hopefully there are enough LJ refugees there now that the abusers who piled on me last time won't have another chance.  /end anxious flailing

I'm currently importing this comm to DW, and am about to start sending DW comm invites to the members who are on DW.  If you're on DW but with a different name, you'll need to join on your own.  The invites supposedly allow me to set people up with posting access from the start.  I figure I'll do https://fic-rush.dreamwidth.org/ first, then worry about the 48 comm.

So, herein ends the long and glorious run of this comm on LJ.  Let us pack up the penguins and the other livestock, summon the ninjas, and seek the muse on another broad ocean!  Please signal-boost this if you will.

And please know how very, very important you all are to me --



So, due to LJ going all Russian-rules, we haven’t had a round in nearly a year. I’d like to get things rolling again. There’s a backup comm over on Dreamwidth, but afaik only lolmac Beth has posting access to that one, and I haven’t been able to get ahold of her. So I’m thinking of creating a new Dreamwidth comm, ficrush or fic__rush or whatnot, and seeing if we could maybe get this one (these ones, _48 as well) imported over there so we don’t lose our history completely in the switch.

Thoughts, anybody? If someone else would like to be the comm creator or schedule maker or any of that, I’m quite amenable. Or if somebody knows how to get hold of Beth and possibly get posting access to her backup comms, that would be wonderful. I just don’t want the ‘Rush to die out completely if there’s still interest.

(Also, does anyone have opinions on what to name the new comms if we go that route, since fic_rush and fic_rush_48 are taken?)

Round 83 has ended!

Another round has come and gone. Do tell us about your wondrous deeds this round, and as always, please profusely thank your tireless mods: ylla, Idlewild, Lost Spook, Turtle, Naemi, A_Q, and Xavia!

Round 83 has started!

Round 83 is starting! Hurry over to fic_rush_48 and join in!

Round 83

Round 83 will take place on the 18th and 19th of March.

Mods and people who want to mod, please let me know your availability, and if you have strong feelings on what kind of round it should be :-)

Round 83

I propose that we pencil in the weekend of the 18th and 19th for the round, unless I'm overruled by someone in authority before then :)

If not, I'll be back next week with a mod recruiting post - unless someone else wants a turn.

How about March?

It wasn't exactly that no one wanted to play, they just didn't want to play at the same time! Will we be more homogenous in March?

Poll #2063561 Round 83 dates

When will we have round 83?

March 4th and 5th
March 11th and 12th
March 18th and 19th
March 25th and 26th
Ticky box
Ceci n'est pas un boîte à cocher

Round 83 dates

It's only a little month, but there's time to squeeze in a round...

Poll #2062373 Round 83 dates

When will we have round 83?

February 10th and 11th
February 17th and 18th
February 24th and 25th
In a leap year
In a leap second
In one giant leap for mankind
In a ticky box
Round 82 is starting!  Quick, hurry over to fic_rush_48 before I lose my posting access again!

Round 82

Who's up for round 82 this weekend? Mods please report here!

lolmac has been attacked by penguins gremlins and is having mysterious posting issues, but hopefully she'll be back soon.

Anyone want to go another round?

Hello hello!  Anyone up for a round in what's left of January?

When shall we have Round 82?

January 21st and 22nd
January 28th and 29th
I have forgotten how to write
I have forgotten who this Beth person is
WTF Beth? We thought you'd been abducted by aliens or something

Round 81 is over!

We had words, dressmaking, knitting, exploding bookcases, and lots of usurpation. At least two Yuletide fics were finished which hadn't been started at the beginning of the round. Come and tell us about all your achievements!

Thank you to the small but stalwart mod team - naemi, a_phoenixdragon, idlewild_, me (ylla), starry_wolf (who did some epic usurpation), evelyn_b, plus a special guest usurpation by lolmac, tag creation by dbskyler, and an honourable mention to bookblather, who would have modded if I was able to count!

That's it for 2016 - have a good Christmas/New Year/rest/other festivities as appropriate, and we'll hopefully meet again in 2017!

(P.S. If you happen to see a lost hour 7 or 24 anywhere, it might be ours - and if you've lost an hour 41, we seem to have an extra one.)

Round 81 has started!

Hop on over to fic_rush_48 to join us. Don't be shy. We only bite with much affection ^.^

Round 81 mod schedule

This schedule was worked out with a real pen on real paper - if it's wrong, that's probably why! (Or I'm just inept.)

(In particular, I've got a couple of people posting at their finishing time to avoid 1 hour gaps - posting and running and leaving the comments for the next person is fine! Also apologies if I've lost your fancy name.)

Spot the ErrorCollapse )

Round 81

Round 81 will take place this weekend, 17th and 18th December, for all your Yuletide-panicking, shop-avoiding, and being glad someone can think about something other than Christmas needs!

If you're available to mod, please comment and let us know :-)

Round 81 dates

There's still time for another round before the end of the year - and there's usually plenty of writing going on in December. So...

Poll #2058288 Round 81 dates

When will we have round 81?

December 3rd and 4th
December 10th and 11th
December 17th and 18th
December 24th and 25th (because Christmas is for fools)
December 31st and January 1st (how better to start the year?)
Ticky box
Great big cardboard box

P.S. Can I have a new tag, please?

Round 80 has finished!!

Tell us of all the marvelous things you did (and what you wrote in between those things!) in the comments!! Big thanks to all of our Mods - and we hope to see you at Round 81!

Round 80 has started!

Come join us at fic_rush_48. All are welcome.

Round 80 Mod Squad Schedule

I have Even More respect for lolmac now, let me tell you. I'm just glad no one is on summer time at the moment!

I've covered what I could - mostly the European daytime hours - partly because I am craving stability and the knowledge that someone should be there to welcome me, and partly because those are the ones that tend to become a single-handed marathon in a free-for-all.

There are slots available for usurpation - if that isn't exciting enough for you, it may be possible in other hours but (as it says on the sign in our printroom explaining how to remove things from the printer queue) I am not responsible for any altercations that may occur! :)

I wasn't clever enough to do the thing with the names - and apologies if I have lost or misplaced your Pretentious Title.

Spot the ErrorCollapse )

Round 80?

Do we want a round this month? Do we want a round this weekend, which looks like the best one? We might shine a little spot of light into a dark month - or just make me worry about Yuletide a little bit less!

I'm not appointing myself in charge - anyone is welcome to make up the schedule, or decide to do without - I'm just one of the people who happen to be currently in the afternoon rather than the early morning...

However, if you would like me to make up a timetable, then mods please comment with your availability by this time tomorrow (4pm GMT, 11am EST, 8am PST, etc.) - I can post a list then, and hours unclaimed at that stage will be free for all unless claimed in comments. (I'll be away from just after that until some point on Saturday morning, my time - so someone able to make a first post would be especially useful.)

Round 80 . . .

I am a wreck.  I can barely function at all, and I can't plan or help with a round.

Please, if you want a round this month, have one.  I'll look in if I can.
Hello, my friends and fellow 'Rushers --

There was no October round because I more or less lost October: my wife's mother went into hospice care. She's been failing rapidly (dementia), so it was not a surprise, but it was unexpected. By the time I emerged, October was almost over. The funeral is this coming weekend.

And now, it's November, which means Nano, which means (I trust) that we need a round even more!

When shall we have Round 80? (The Sequel!)

November 12th and 13th
November 19th and 20th
November 26th and 27th
Any weekend that has pumpkin spice
Any weekend that does NOT have pumpkin spice, blech

Round 80 dates

This is an exciting month, with Yuletide signups and Nanowrimo plans and ghoulies and ghosties and sneaky changing clocks...

Poll #2054647 Round 80 dates

When will we have round 80?

October 1st and 2nd
October 8th and 9th
October 15th and 16th
October 22nd and 23rd
October 29th and 30th
Let's skip October
Ticky box

Round 79 has ended!

How did you do?  What did you do?  Were there any witnesses?  Tell all!

Round 79 Has Started!

In case you missed the announcement, Round 79 is happening this weekend! Head on over to fic_rush_48 and join in!