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Round 80 dates

This is an exciting month, with Yuletide signups and Nanowrimo plans and ghoulies and ghosties and sneaky changing clocks...

Poll #2054647 Round 80 dates

When will we have round 80?

October 1st and 2nd
October 8th and 9th
October 15th and 16th
October 22nd and 23rd
October 29th and 30th
Let's skip October
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Round 79 has ended!

How did you do?  What did you do?  Were there any witnesses?  Tell all!

Round 79 Has Started!

In case you missed the announcement, Round 79 is happening this weekend! Head on over to fic_rush_48 and join in!

Round 79!

Round 70 will be this weekend!  Who will be around?  Do we have enough mods that we should revert to formal shifts, or shall we continue with our madcap free-for-alls?

Round 79 dates

Are we back from the distracting wilds of summer to the let's-get-going-again days of autumn? I don't know - it's definitely cold enough here...

Poll #2052979 Round 79 dates

When will we have round 79?

September 3rd and 4th
September 10th and 11th
September 17th and 18th
September 24th and 25th
Let's skip September
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Round 78 has started!

Hurry and join us! We miss you already!

Round 78 usurp-a-thon!

Round 78 will start tomorrow at the usual time, and will be a usurp-a-thon, with a minor change.  This brilliant suggestion is from ylla:  there will be "anchor posts" at Hours 12, 24, and 36.  If need be, I will make these posts, but now is the time to call dibs on them if you wish!

Hour 12 is 7 am Sat EDT, noon BST, 1 pm CEST

Hour 24 is 7 pm Sat EDT, midnight BST, 1 am Sun CEST

Hour 36 is 7 am Sun EDT, noon BST, 1 pm CEST

Open for bidding now!

Round 78, dates and format

Round 78 will be this next weekend, August 20th and 21st.  It's still summer (well, northern hemisphere summer), so:

What kind of schedule should we have?

Another usurp-a-thon, wheee!
A formal schedule with specific shifts

Personally, I've really enjoyed the usurp-a-thons, but I don't know if I'm in a minority or not.

Round 78 dates

Poll #2050936 Round 78 dates

When will we have Round 78?

August 6th and 7th
August 13th and 14th
August 20th and 21st
August 27th and 28th
Let's skip August
I am an august personage
I am overrun with tourists
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Round 77 has ended!

We may possibly have misplaced more hours this round than any other, but hey, we reached the end!  Overflowing kudos to the Improv Usurpation team:  Xavia, ylla, Glinda, Mandy, Lothi, and especially the Marathon Usurper, AQ!  (As well as myself, Beth.)

Tell us all about your successes!

Keep an eye on the comm for the next poll, and we'll see each other next month!

Round 77 is starting!

Round 77 Goes Wild!

Round 77 will start in 7 hours!

As with the last round, I'll start it off, and then it's a free-for-all.  If anyone wants to usurp mod who has not done so before, ping me and I will make sure that you're able to post.

Round 77?

Responses were light to the last poll -- possibly too many melted brains from summer heat -- but there was some interest in having Round 77 this coming weekend, the 23rd and 24th.

Who is up to the challenge?  Maybe we can get the ninja penguins to fetch a LOT of ice . . .

Round 77 dates

This should be a specially lucky round - it's even in the 7th month of the year. It's just a shame the 7th isn't one of the dates!

Poll #2048101 Round 77 dates

When will we have Round 77?

July 2nd and 3rd
July 9th and 10th
July 16th and 17th
July 23rd and 24th
July 30th and 31st
Let's skip July
I duly declare this poll open
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Round 76 has started!

Come join us! Maybe you can usurp the next hour and make it ALL YOURS.

Master Schedule Lookup Table

The simplest schedule ever!

Check the time GMT here: Greenwich Mean Time

Then look up the hour of the round:

Hour 1: midnight GMT
ALL the hours!Collapse )

the Spirit of Round 76

So, we're having a round this weekend, or maybe a roundlet.  We're probably going to be short of mods, not to mention sleep and brain cells.

So, I am declaring this a Usurpathon!

For this round only, I have changed the settings on the comm so that any member can post, without the post being moderated.  Yup, it's open season this weekend.  I'll make the first post, to get it started.

Please follow the following guidelines:

- One post per hour.
- If more than one person posts in a given hour, the first post wins.
- - - the "first post" is defined by whichever one shows up as the first post to hit the comm.

- If you lose a posting race, you must delete your redundant post.  You are encouraged to congratulate the winner and then plot their downfall.
- If you win a posting race, please keep your gloating to a reasonable level.

- You may not rig a usurpation by using a pre-scheduled post, because that would be the wrong kind of evil.
- - - You may set up pre-scheduled posts for period when it doesn't look like there will be anyone else posting.

- Try to keep track of which hour it is when you title your posts.  Excess timey-wimeyness will not be credited to your account.  If you leave cracks in the universe, please spackle and re-paint before you go.

- Have fun, and let's all write and create and stuff!

Round 76

The last poll didn't have as many responses as usual, but what the heck, let's go ahead and have Round 76 this weekend.

Who's available?  If we end up short of mods, we can always just leave the hours open, or have a usurpation free-for-all.

Round 76 dates

Poll #2046088 Round 76 dates

When will we have Round 76?

June 4th and 5th
June 11th and 12th
June 18th and 19th
June 25th and 26th
Let's skip June
This is not a ticky box

Round 75 is over!

Hurrah for us for wrapping up our diamond round!  I declare that everyone is a diamond, or whatever orther shiny thing you would like to be.  Tell us of your shiny accomplishments!

As always, please thank your hard-working Mod Squad, who swapped quite a few hours back and forth in a mad round of usurpation without ever actually dropping any!  Skyler, Naemi, Jenni, Xavia, Lothi, Idlewild, AQ, Mandy, and myself, Beth, plus a Special Guest Usurpation by ylla!

See you next month!  Be sure to watch the comm for the poll.

Round 75 Has Started!

Head on over to the latest post at fic_rush_48 and join us!

Round 75 Mod Squad Schedule

Hoping I didn't overlook some major time zone hiccup:

Find the error!Collapse )

Round 75 will be this weekend!

We will be around, having a round, this next weekend, the 21st and 22nd.  Possibly we'll sing rounds and dance round a May-pole.

Mods, who will be around?  Will you be round, or angular, or possibly amorphous?

Round 75 dates

A whole three-quarters of a century! We're old! But in a good way... mellow with wisdom and experience.

Poll #2043748 Round 75 dates

When will we have Round 75?

May 7th and 8th
May 14th and 15th
May 21st and 22nd
May 28th and 29th
Let's skip May
May we have a round this month?
Can we have a round this month?
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Round 74 has ended!

How did you do?  Tell all!  Let the heavens ring with your accomplishments!

Remember to thank your hard-working Mod Squad, who wrangled extra levels of timey-wimeyness this round:  Idlewild, Skyler, Naemi, Jenni, ylla, Xavia, Lothi, AQ (who put in a truly marathon shift), Jo, and myself, Beth.

See you next month!